Amanya IP Story

Amanya IP

See the story behind the courses and talks

Amanya IP – are you protecting your stuff? Understanding the importance of IP

Amanya IP – Part 1: Anna shares about herself and her design journey

Amanya IP – Part 2: Anna’s experiences with IP & creating courses for Designers and Artists

Amanya IP – Part 3: Developing General IP courses for people from all walks of life

Amanya IP – Part 4: Getting a USA Trademark – and all the drama that came with it

Amanya IP – Part 5: Creating courses for the USA alongside the UK

Amanya Brand Story

About Amanya

See the story behind the brand

Part 1 – Where it all began

Part 2 – Starting Amanya

Part 3 – Dreaming Big

Part 4 – Taking the leap

Part 5 – First Amanya logo

Part 6 – New Amanya logo