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A Beginner’s Guide to Intellectual Property FREE Webinars

Charlotte talks about the importance of keeping records Bite Size

Derrick shares how important learning about IP was to him Bite Size

Hallam from Virtuoso Legals talks about the importance of going to the right places Bite Size

Hallam from Virtuoso Legal shares about the importance of doing your research Bite Size


A Beginner’s Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists

Charlotte’s testimonial on the Intellectual Property Course Bite Size

Derrick’s testimonial on the Intellectual Property Course Bite Size


Testimonies on the Intellectual Property Courses

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Hallam, an Intellectual Property Trainee Solicitor’s Review

The guidance on copyright and the various design rights provided in the Amanya course on Intellectual Property cuts through to the underlying legal principles whilst simultaneously providing a practical insight which will be of great use to any designers seeking to improve their knowledge of intellectual property.

The guide offers a concise summary of the key elements of each right and anyone who reads it will walk away with a renewed understanding of their rights and how to protect them.

It also highlights the common pitfalls individuals face, whilst encouraging creators to respect the rights of others.

An informative and practical guide for anyone who is seeking to enhance their knowledge of intellectual property.

Dr. Roger Lowe’s Testimony, an Intellectual Property Lawyer

Regardless of the size of your business, the nature of the goods it supplies or the services it provides, your business will create and as a consequence, it will own some forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The three key forms of IPRs for any commercial Artist or Designer to be aware of are rights in trade marks, rights in designs, and copyright.

Unfortunately, all of these IPRs are far from easy to understand, nor are they easy to apply to real-life, the complexity is exacerbated by the overlap created by these IPRs in certain situations.

However, help is at hand, and this Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property for Artists and Designers is a great place to start in order to begin and cement your awareness of the issues, and to build a foundation of your understanding.

The various examples taken from the archives of case law will also assist in your understanding of how the various IPRs are applied by the Courts.

Charlotte’s Testimony

The Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property for Artists and Designer is such a time and money saving resource! I will return to it again and again. I recommend it as a valuable investment that will save you so much hassle and money.

As a designer of unique acoustic finishes for interior spaces, this course has been super helpful to obtain a comprehensive overview regarding Intellectual Property – an essential for each creative designer.

The thing I found most helpful was the demystification of a very complex subject. I now know where to go and what to do with regard to current design work, and even more importantly how to plan future design ideas.

Thank you Anna for this insightful resource for the creative community. I recommend it wholeheartedly and encourage each to check it out for yourself.

Daniel’s Testimony

I’ve had an amazing experience with this course.

IP is really a tricky subject yet a really important one for us creative people and this course is a very beautifully crafted learning tool.

Although the content is a bit complex, it has been presented in a light yet thoroughly engaging manner. I particularly enjoyed the structure and the visual aids, not relying so much on text.

Will also give a shout out to Anna’s very soothing voice.

Derrick’s Testimony

To young and emerging designers, it is really crucial to understand intellectual property and the issues that surround it. Quite unfortunately, it is often brushed over and given little to no attention at all. I found the Amanya course on intellectual property protection very insightful and helpful.

It has given me a very well needed introduction to the world of IP and equipped me with a lot of crucial knowledge around what I need to be aware of and do in relation to my creations. The course offers guidance on what we need to do to safeguard our work and provides insightful advice on our conduct when using other peoples work.

It shines a light into the legal side of design and helps designers be more aware of how they can help prevent their hard work from being disrespected, misused or even stolen. This course is most definitely a powerful introduction to intellectual property and would certainly recommend it to all designers, young and seasoned.