IP Talks

Various IP Talks

Anna delivers talks to various schools, colleges, workplaces, organisations and networks.
She brings everyday examples to illustrate IP in an relevant and engaging way.

Anna delivering IP talk at Hudds Stadium
Nicola’s Testimonial

‘The Enterprise Hub’ Manager, The University of Huddersfield

Anna recently delivered her ‘Protecting your new ideas’ workshop to our students and graduates who are setting up business in the creative industry. She gave a great overview of IP and backed up her knowledge with interesting, thought-provoking, real-life IP stories, all of which made the topic easier to understand. Anna clearly answered any questions that were asked and gave the attendees some simple but practical hints and tips on how to protect their ideas. Thanks Anna!

Amanya IP Talk Enterprise Hub
Barney Mynott Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
Barney’s Testimonial

Development Manager at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Anna presented at our Academia-Industry networking event and it was a great presentation. Really clear explanation of the problems around protecting your IP, especially if you haven’t properly considered the issue. It is easy to see protecting IP as too complicated or too expensive. Anna explained why you need to do it (don’t ignore it or think it will never become a problem) and gave practical advice that businesses could understand and showed how advice can be affordable to all businesses including sole traders.

Nigel’s Testimonial

CEO of Bubul Business Builder

I thought I knew a lot about IP, but Anna’s course showed me that I still had much to learn! She makes it fun and engaging and has really added value (and protection) to my business!

Nigel Greenwood
Kevin Forde
Kevin’s Testimonial

Leader of SAM’s Online Networking

Anna did a great job explaining IP and the need to protect one’s hard-earned intellectual property. A real eye-opener.
Martin’s Testimonial

Chartered Architect, Fibre Architects

Anna knows her stuff when it comes to Intellectual Property and it’s importance, especially to designers like ourselves in this modern age of easy information transfer. We’d certainly recommend one of her courses to learn more about it in an easy to understand and approachable way.

Martin Booker Architect