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What is Intellectual Property?

The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)

Think IP doesn’t impact you? Think again! I surrounds you every day and could affect your work and your livelihood.

Types of Intellectual Property include Copyright, Trademarks, Registered Designs, Trade Secrets, Patents, Moral Rights and Community Designs.

It impacts ideas, inspiration, using other people’s work, copying and infringment, commissions, selling and income, reputation, branding, licensing and freelancing. Do you still think it doesn’t affect you?

Amanya IP – are you protecting your stuff?

Do you know about your Intellectual Property and how it already affects you?

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Live Talk

Hands Off My Property!

This free live talk educates young people about understanding the basics of Intellectual Property. It then prepares them for the more in depth course: ‘Don’t Steal My Stuff!’

The ‘Hands Off My Property!’ course is available for free to schools and colleges in advance of licensing the ‘Don’t Steal My Stuff!’ course.

Course Sectors

General IP Courses

Courses introducing the subject and impact of IP

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Courses for Designers and Artists

Free and paid content helping Designers and Artists

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Courses for Education

Free talks & licensing opportunities for schools, colleges & universities

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Courses for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Free and paid content helping Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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Courses for the USA

Courses helping you trade in the USA using your IP

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Bite Size Testimonials

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Esther’s Testimonial on the IP Course for Designers and Artists

Elliana reviews the Hands Off My Property! Course

Emily shares parts of Anna’s Intellectual Property Story

Anna’s Testimonial on Don’t Steal My Stuff for Adults Course

Lloyd’s Testimonial on the Don’t Steal My Stuff for Youth & Students Course

Lonette’s Testimonial on Don’t Steal My Stuff USA Course

10 Reasons Designers and Artists need to know about their Intellectual Property
Creative Business
Do you know about your Intellectual Property?

Do you know about your intellectual property and how it affects you? Do you know what you create is your IP and being savvy about it can impact your inspiration, your creativity, your income and your livelihood.

See my FREE guide giving you 10 Reasons why you need to know about your Intellectual Property as a designer or artist. 

Don't Steal My Stuff!
Don’t Steal My Stuff!

These new courses are introductions to Intellectual Property in 2 versions: Youth & Students and for Adults. Be introduced to this crucial subject. If big names are protecting their stuff, shouldn’t you too?

Check out the Youth & Students course here

Check out the Adults course here

Check out the Youth & Students USA course here

Check out the Adults USA course here

A Beginner’s Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers & Artists

If you are a designer or artist, are you protecting your creations?

With copying and IP theft on the rise, can you afford not to?

Find out more at this professional course

Legally Approved Courses


All the Intellectual Property courses are written, as far as possible, without legal speak, so they can be understood by those not legally trained. But they have been reviewed and approved by SRA Regulated legal companies.


James Love, Head of Intellectual Property (UK) at Womble Bond Dickinson

Anna has the great advantage of having walked the journey of protecting her own brand with IP, with experience of the dangers and pitfalls she has encountered along the way.

Jiri Svorc’s Legal Review

Qualified Solicitor SRA Regulated


Amanya IP Courses are a series of well-structured and immersive courses focusing on intellectual property – an extremely wide topic that is often not given the attention and understanding it deserves.

The courses are aimed at different proficiencies and are a valuable resource not just for beginners, but also for active creatives and business professionals whose encounters with IP extend beyond the logo on their morning coffee cup. The beginners courses cover the elementary principles of intellectual property, drawing similarities and making comparisons with the world of physical property, while the advanced courses go much deeper in the topic, also focusing on areas including IP infringement and licensing.

Although the contents of the courses vary, all of them are accompanied by engaging visuals, practical examples and case law summaries highlighting the significance of intellectual property and its importance in everyday (business) life.

Jiri Svorc's Legal Review Amanya IP
Virtuoso Legal
Hallam, an Intellectual Property Trainee Solicitor’s Review
Intellectual property is an abstract concept by definition and despite being coined by Mark Getty as being the oil of the 21st century, in practice many people remain in the dark regarding the nature of the core intellectual property rights and how best to protect and ultimately benefit from them.

Don’t Steal My Stuff provides an illustrative and engaging introduction to intellectual property, the value of brand strength, and the importance of being proactive in the registration and protection of your rights.

Having completed this introduction to the core IP rights, the creators of tomorrow will undoubtedly be better placed to protect and exploit their talents in future with a foundational awareness of the value of their own rights and those of others.

Ross Brandborg

USA Patent and Trademark Attorney


I recently reviewed Trademarking USA and found it to be the right combination of depth and speed, presenting a succinct and rapid walkthrough of the trademark landscape.

The course provided a comprehensive overview of U.S. trademark law, highlighting what constitutes a trademark; covering topics such as what qualifies as a trademark, and the procedure to register your trademark. Without needless minutia, the course stays true with the target always being the registration of your trademark.

I appreciated the straightforward, down-to-earth advice the course offered, I highly recommend this course as a resource I’d readily suggest to anyone who wants to wants a quick yet informative introduction to the world of trademarks and the essentials of the registration journey.

Ross Brandbord, Patent and Trademark Attorney

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